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Staying on Top (2002)
  • Titulo Original: Staying on Top
  • Genero/s: Drama, Romance
  • Año: 2002
  • Idioma: Latino
  • Calidad: HD
Sinopsis de Staying on Top

Prolific low-budget filmmaker John Quinn (Hollywood Lives) wrote and directed this addition to the Playboy Eros Collection line of upscale softcore sex dramas. Holly Sampson stars as Kathrine Phillips, an advertising executive working her way up the corporate ladder. Refreshingly for this sort of film, she achieves her career goals through merit rather than sex, which is the method employed by her devious corporate rival Cindy (Angela Davies). Cindy is bedding one of Kathrine's hottest prospective clients in an underhanded attempt to advance her own position. Kathrine stays true to her principles, quitting her job in disgust and dumping Jake (Danny Pape), the philandering photographer whom she has been seeing, before planning her effective, yet admirably ethical revenge. Kathrine starts her own agency with a like-minded secretary, Tai (Sasha Rochelle), and soon works her way to the top in truly heroic fashion. Ava Lake, Mia, and Holly Hollywood co-star.


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John Quinn
John Quinn


Holly Sampson is Katherine Phillips
Holly Sampson
Katherine Phillips
Angela Nicholas is Cindy La Conte (as Angela Davies)
Angela Nicholas
Cindy La Conte (as Angela Davies)
Danny Pape is Jake
Danny Pape
Sasha Peralto is Tai (as Sasha Rochelle)
Sasha Peralto
Tai (as Sasha Rochelle)
Mia Zottoli is Melissa Bessler
Mia Zottoli
Melissa Bessler
Rob Steinberg is Locke
Rob Steinberg
Holly Hollywood is Heather
Holly Hollywood

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